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Tucked away in an isolated alpine valley in Colorado, Ghost Mine Ranch is a land development in Saguache County, Colorado. Located on the western slope of the San Luis Valley 12 miles north of Del Norte, CO and 5 miles southwest of the town of La Garita, the development backs up against the Rio Grande National Forest to the west and BLM land to the east. The altitude is between 8000 and 9000 feet. The ranch is a mix of rolling hills and eroded volcanic rock. Pinion and Juniper are the most common large plants, while cottonwoods inhabit the La Garita creek riparian areas.


Life moves at a much slower pace here. The roads are gravel and dirt. No one is in any particular hurry. People wave at each other on the road. Neighbors watch out for each other. Coyotes howl in the morning while owls hoot at night. You might hear an occasional car or see the lights of an airplane. Satellites move across a sky brilliantly lit with stars. Even on a dark moon, the stars are bright enough to take a midnight stroll. Traffic jams consist of hay wagons and potato trucks, with an occasional herd of cows. The locals gather at the breakfast restaurants, drink coffee and talk of the weather, cattle prices, the cost of fuel.


The nearest full service town is Del Norte, CO with the nearest mid-sized town being Alamosa, CO. (45 minutes to a Super Wal-Mart!) Air service is available in Alamosa as well. Denver is 4 hours away. Albuquerque 5 hours to the south. South Fork and the Wolf Creek Pass ski area are the nearest resort offerings. Close enough for a day trip, far enough to keep prices low.


The development consists of 52 parcels ranging in size from 35 acres to 105 acres. Many of the parcels are still vacant with a scattering of cabins and modern homes. Most lots have power and telephone to the line, but many people have selected to live “off the grid” using the abundant solar and some wind generation. Full timers, vacationers, part timers, snow birds, all are represented in the mix of owners at Ghost Mine.






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